In the hot seat with…Laura Collett

Laura Collett has won more medals collectively at Pony, Junior and Young Rider level than any other event rider in history. This includes winning team and individual gold at two Junior European Championships and one Young Rider Championship. She made an impressive start at her Badminton debut at the age of just 22, finishing 8th with Rayef and has been back five times since.  

You may not know that Laura started at as a show rider before switching to eventing at the age of 15, winning the Supreme Pony Championship at the Horse of the Year Show. 

All event riders are tough but Laura is “extra human”. In 2013, a serious fall resulted in her being left in a coma with multiple fractures, severe internal injuries and became blind in one eye. Undeterred, Laura was back at the top of the sport by the following season and has continued on her winning ways ever since.   

Plans for 2020 

In 2020 I would love to be able to step London 52 up to 5* level. I also can’t wait to have Mr Bass back out eventing. 

Best piece of advice 

 “Always believe in yourself”. Yogi Breisner told this to me just before I went cross country at my first Pony European Championship in 2005. It has stuck with me ever since.  

Favourite event 

Definitely Badminton. There is no other feeling like walking under the arch way into the stables at the biggest event in the world. There is such a buzz about the whole week and my owners, staff and supporters love it too.  

 How do you unwind 

 With a large Gin and Tonic and a good movie 

 Guilty pleasure 


 Worst habit  

I am pretty forgetful.  

Favourite film 

 Bridget Jones Diary. There are many similarities between myself and Bridget. 

Any box set addictions? 

 I am totally addicted to “Greys Anatomy”. I have all the box sets on DVD in the lorry and never get bored of watching them again. 

Secret crush 

 Dan Carter . I’ve been a massive fan for years, he’s gorgeous and would have so many cool stories about playing for the All Blacks 

Who would you like to be stuck on a desert island with 

James Corden (for giggles) 

Dan Carter (for his looks) 

Fellow event rider, Holly Woodhead (because she’s my bestie and will come out with some classic comments) 

 What makes you laugh 

Quite a lot actually, I’m easily amused. 

What makes you cry 

I’m a very emotional person so it doesn’t take much to make me cry. Some happy tears but others sad. 

What scares you 


What can’t you live without? 

I couldn’t live without all my Ariat clothing and boots. They keep me looking smart are both comfy and warm. 

What is your secret to having your horses go so well? 

Definitely Dodson and Horrell feed. It ensures they always look a million dollars and feel fantastic.